With Love

Good day Everyone,

Over the past week, life has been a jumble of stress, nerves,late nights and almost bad decisions. I am trying to sort out my priorities to understand what I should keep and what should be left behind.

When I started WordPress, I made a promise to myself. No matter the situation, I was going to write at least two post every week. As usual words are just words when they aren’t back up with any action.

To everyone who has read my post/ followed blog, I am grateful and forever thankful. You motivate me to write more. Being able to express yourself through writing is a blessing but having people who read it and try in their own little ways to interact with you is a double blessing.

Thank you very much for your support.

September is going to be a month of extra stories and mind blowing articles.

Happy new month (or months, depending on how many I’ve missed) in arrears.

Mae ❤️

Don’t walk in love,Fall in love

Hello dear blogger’s and amazing readers,

There are so many articles and books that tells you how and when to fall in love. You’re told not to rush into love unless you will crash and burn. They say only fools fall in love. If you rush into love, you’re bound to come out screaming and in stitches. Well you see, they’re right.

But how possible is it to live without a few bruises and stitches every once in a while ?, Instead of always coming out with little cuts and lasting scars, why don’t we just go head in and get burnt fully ?.

Love is a fragile and delicate thing. It can destroy and it can kill. It’s timeless, it transcend beyond the realm of time. One step you make today out of love, whether for a person or a cause, is enough to spark a burning revolution.

You might ask why should I fall in love with someone who might hurt me ?

A mother doesn’t question the destiny of her child when he/she is born. She doesn’t request for a priest or a psychic or a mage to read the palms of the child to know whether or not the child would bring her pain and be her ultimate downfall. Instead she blesses the head of the child and gives the child a gift, a name, which will protect and guide the child forever.

She loves and adores her child no matter the situation. Even when he cheats, steals, kills or destroys, she would scold the child and tear her eyes out but never, not once, will her heart bear hatred for her child. When she is asked by others how she could love a child that has cause her sorrow, her response is a smile and a tear. She would simply ask ‘is it possible to throw away one’s heart ?’

Walk in Love….

Walking is love is safe, too safe. When you walk you’re given the opportunity to turn back, to go back where you came from. The door is still open and your path is clear. You are weighing the pros and cons. Every single step you take is full of doubt and uncertainty. Anytime you hear a cream in the wall, you’re ready to turn around. Walking in love is nice, at least for those who have forever to live. For the rest who live life on the high sea and are going to ride the high tides till the end, they fall in love.

….fall in love

Movies have the wrong idea of love. There are no shinning star and fortunate event. There is simply you and the next person.

The next person is the woman you helped on the bus.

The homeless man who you buy breakfast for every morning.

The next person is the store who is suffering losses during this Covid lockdown, but anytime you need something you walk down there to buy it.

The next person is your classmate who doesn’t have enough to eat but is surviving because you’re there for them, even in the most little way.

The next person is y our neighbor who needs a listening ear, the child who usually plays in the mud in your street.

The next person is the life you’re saving by raising a placard to protest for everything that is wrong in your society.

The next person is the child your signed petition for Pro life is saving.

The next person is your course mate who is stranded and needs materials to read but you always share.

The world is going to keep being a prison of insecurities and fear unless you fall in love. Unless you force the shackles that have been placed on you.

Live to the extreme and love to the limit.

You might be frightened because you’re trying to protect your heart but your heart isn’t just the organ pumping blood in your body. Your heart is the people you live for, those you’re ready to die for. Those people that are always in your thoughts and your prayers. Even if your organ stops working, those people will keep living for you.

When you fall in love, fall in love with your soul, heart and body. Give everything and in return, you gain everything.

When you find your perfect person or your perfect cause, don’t let the limitations and restrictions of life hold you down. Your bones might get broken and your flesh burnt, but in the end, it’s always worth it.

With love,
Mae ❤️.

Travel Anxiety

Travel anxiety is a term most people are not acquainted to. They might have heard words like travel or anxiety or social anxiety but travel anxiety is something that you hardly hear.

According to Calm Clinic, Travel anxiety is a common and complex issue, causing people to feel anxious or depressed when preparing for a trip. It can also be experienced during the trip.

I am talking about this topic because this is something I usually go through. Travelling while thinking of the different scenarios of everything that could go wrong is more than enough reason to have anxiety.

What causes anxiety ?

There are numerous reasons for travel anxiety. It might be due to what you see on the television or what someone told you or it could simply be the fact that you just have travel anxiety and never want to be around a moving contraption.

Some people find it difficult to travel alone. I am a typical example. I feel more comfortable when I have a travel partner. Someone who watches over my things when I go to barf for the third time. Someone who is just beside me. There is a high possibility that we may not say anything during the journey but the fact that I came with someone gives me a little comfort.

There have been times when I travelled alone and it was the absolute worse. I wasn’t comfortable throughout the journey, by the time we got to our destination I was ready to pass out from holding my breath. Anytime I enter a vehicle, travelling by myself, I feel a high level of discomfort

The fear of travel of another reason. Some people detest the idea of travelling . It scares them a lot. Before their bus leaves the park or the airplane leaves the terminal, their minds will have conjured different scenarios. They are jumpy about everything that happens. They feel that something incredibly bad will happen on the journey. They might get caught up in traffic and their journey delay. There might be an accident. They may be a trained assassin in the bus or plane waiting to make their move. They have the mindset that nothing good is going to come out of the journey.

Another cause of travel anxiety is motion sickness, this is one of the major reason I dislike about any moving contraption. From the moment the journey begins till it ends, I feel like i am being forced in a rollercoaster. Just the sound of the ignition, sends my head into a mirage of migraine. Sometimes it gets so worse that I have to ask the driver to stop so that I can step out for fresh air or to simply throw up. The issue about motion sickness is that you can’t control it. It just comes on it’s own and leaves at the end of your travel.

A common reason for travel anxiety that am sure most people have experienced is worry. The worry of the people you left behind. It could be your family, your spouse, your friends or pet. Most times when we travel, our minds drift to the welfare of others. You want to know how that are fairing. Sometimes you even wonder why you didn’t ask them to tag along.

Travel anxiety is often accompanied with nausea, shallow breathing, worry and agitation

Tips that may (or may not) help when traveling

  • Identify the source of travel anxiety – Before you travel, try to think about what causes your anxiety. This will help you pinpoint the problem or issue, while helping you overcome it.
  • Tell flight attendants or Bus Driver/ or whoever is in charge of your transport about your situation – Let those in charge know of your anxiety. There are certain times during a bus trip where you might feel the need to get off the bus for a while. This will certainly be an inconvenient to the driver and other passengers but if you inform the driver beforehand, he or she will be able be understand your phlight and help you.
  • No last minutes preparation – make sure to get your affairs in order before travelling. This will give you rest of mind as you wouldn’t have to worry over anything.
  • Plan for every scenario – Be sure to be prepared for anything that could happen during your trip. Make sure to carry extra cash for any unexpected expenditure. Atm cards or debit cards should not be complety hoped on as there might be no way to access your account. Always make sure your phone is completely charged and you have enough airtime or call card. Be ready for every emergency
  • Carry distractions that might help you. If playing video games or listening to music helps soothe your anxiety, then make sure to carry them along.
  • Medications shouldn’t be left behind.
  • Research the area you’re traveling.
  • Last but not the least, we have the sleeping method. Whenever I embark on a trip, i always tire my self out the previous day so I can sleep throughout the journey. Sleeping helps reduce my nausea and migraine because I would be unconcious through majority or the whole trip

I hope your travelling days be happy, joyful and barf-free

Yours sincerely,
Mae ❤️

Sunshine Blog Nomination

I would love to thank Anthonia for nominating me for this award. Anthonia is a terrific blogger and y’all should can visit her blog anthoniasblog.wordpress.com

-Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog.
-Answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
-Nominate 11 people and ask them new 11 questions.
-Notify the nominees by commenting on one of their posts.
-List the rules and display the sunshine blogger award in your post.

Anthonia’s questions to me are :
1) What’s your favorite snack – I don’t have a favorite snack per se but if I have to choose it would be anything with chocolate in it

2) Which do you prefer, reading or writing – I prefer reading, writing can be stressful some times

3) What’s your favorite sport – I don’t have a favorite sport

4) What’s your hobby – This is easy, my hobbies includes sleeping, eating, being productive and watching anime

5) Do you go to bed early or late at night – It depends

6) Are you an introvert or an extrovert – Introvert 😎

7) What do you do to relieve stress – By sleeping or eating but since stress eating is not advisable, I sleep most times

8) What’s your favorite quote – “sometimes when you sacrifice something, you’re not really loosing it. You’re just passing it on to some else”

9) Which country would you love to visit – Japan

10) What’s your favorite movie – I don’t have a favorite movie

11) What have you been doing differently in the lockdown – On a normal day, I attend classes and after that I move straight to my home but now I don’t even have to leave the house. Well, I just started blogging and writing during this lockdown, so I think it counts for something

I nominate everyone who is reading this and wants to participate in the award. If you decide to participate, let me know, I am looking forward to knowing more about you.

My questions to my nominees are the same as Anthonia’s

Yours sincerely,
Mae ❤️.

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